Most leaders spend years trying to master the elusive "extra 10%" that
makes (supposedly) managing others a breeze.

But when a manager’s plate is already full, and they’re simply trying to keep their head above water, they need answers to people problems now

(Actually, yesterday.)


There's no time for hours of feel-good "theory" and leadership jargon.
And there’s definitely no space for another binder of useless handouts or a thumb drive of old decks.

(Where's that mini USB adaptor?!)

Your company's leaders need real skills. Fast.

They need to be an awesome leader every day—for every employee.

And they need online materials available when they are


Ready to get your teams the essential skills that help managers become the boss they want to be?

And ready to do it without the fluff—and with online lessons and materials that can be digested
15 minutes at a time?
(We're not exaggerating.)

Then learn about online training designed to be online.

It's the only online course your managers will ever need. 

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Meet the Creator of Awesome Leader

I’ve coached executives for over 20 years, in businesses and offices all around the world. My work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal,, The Economist, Fast Company,, Forbes, and beyond. 

I wanted a better way to teach the “soft skills” that are make-or-break for leaders. And I wanted it to be online.

That’s why I created Awesome Leader. It's fun, fast, and applicable training that was designed from the start to be online. This isn't a reaction to the pandemic. I started this in 2019 (good timing, eh?). 

Teams going through my training programs find fast answers to common leadership challenges, such as resolving conflict, motivating employees, setting clear goals, delegating, and giving constructive feedback.

And every lesson is under 15 minutes long. That's right: 15 minutes. 

Meet Leila

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Here's how to make great online training ready for your team.



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Programs start with as few as 15 leaders. Have hundreds of managers to train at a time? No problem. Each group of 15-25 leaders gets a coach (they're all awesome). 



Meet with Leila. 

She'll show you what the training looks like
and how it helps your leaders and teams get more of what they love to do done

You'll learn how we guide you through each step of the program (onboarding, communication, accountability—all of it).





Preview the lessons. Finalize customization and communication, and kick-off!

Your program will be up and running
in weeks—not months. 

Training is now checked off your list!


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