Awesome Leaders aren't born. 
They are built. 

There’s a widespread myth floating around that you’re either born with the qualities to be a great leader in an organization or you're not.

Consider that myth officially busted.

Awesome leadership can be learned.

From 6 to 6,000 feet away from each other, your company's leaders need to learn to be awesome. And they can't attend a training together to do that.

We can help: Awesome Leader was always designed to be online. 

Most humans spend years of (sometimes painful) trial and error learning that elusive "extra 10%" that makes managing others a breeze, like giving constructive feedback and delegating effectively.

But when a manager’s desk is already full, and they’re simply trying to keep their head above water, a lifetime of learning isn’t a workable timeline.

There isn’t time for endless hours of feel-good, conceptual jargon.

And there’s definitely not space for another binder of useless handouts or another thumb drive.

Real skills are needed . . . and quick: knowing what to do and how to do it.

Ready to get your teams the essential skills that help managers become the boss they want to be?

And ready to do it without the fluff, extended days away from the office, and lengthy homework of most learning experiences?

Explore Awesome Leader’s premiere course:

Awesome Manager.

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Built on International Insight

I’ve coached executives for over 20 years, and my work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal,, Fast Company,, Forbes, and beyond. 

I wanted a better way to teach the “soft skills” that are make-or-break. That’s why I created Awesome Leader.

Here you’ll find fast answers to common leadership challenges—like how to resolve conflicts, motivate employees, set clear goals, give meaningful feedback, and more. 

Plus, I know everyone is busy. That’s why every lesson is just about 15 minutes long.

Meet Leila

Companies elevating their leadership to an A+

Want the skills no one’s teaching that make working as a manager . . . work?

The practices at the core of managing others can be the make or break between a stellar, or a totally sucky, week.

And having those theories and practices broken down into digestible and actionable activities can be the access point to less "ugh" and more ease.

Take a peek into Awesome Manager with a tool to take management skills to the next level, ASAP.

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