Most people get promoted to leadership because they're great at what they do. 

. . . not because they're great at managing the people who do it. 


The high-impact, no-nonsense, ridiculously effective training program for leaders who want to know what to do and when to do it.
Stress and overwhelm not required.
In this 6-week, self-paced, online intensive training program, participants receive live support while they learn tangible management skills and easy to implement leadership theories and put them to work . . . while they work

In as little as 15 minutes a day, your leaders will:

  • Know how to handle whatever is thrown their way. (Hello, confidence . . . )

  • Feel inspired and fulfilled in their work, in turn inspiring those they lead

  • Experience de-escalated stress and avoid overwhelm of leading

  • Feel in control, instead of spinning out of control

  • Start hard conversations (and follow through) with more confidence and less palm sweat

  • Manage up without kissing up

Taking the time to invest in understanding the nuances of management can seem like another "to do" to add to the list.

But here’s why dialing in these subtle skills is critical:

85% of employees are either “meh” or downright “UGH” about their jobs. 

  • Employee disengagement costs companies an estimated $450 - $500 billion per year in lost productivity. 

  • 2 million Americans quit their jobs every month. (Yep. In this economy.)

  • The top 4 reasons why people quit their jobs are all about poor management and relationships.

  • Good company culture increases revenue FOUR times. And you know what helps to build great culture? Awesome leaders. 

By the way, this a global leadership challenge--the stats and numbers are similar around the world.  

What's Included . . .

15 training videos

(about 5 hours)

Accompanying exercises, self-assessments, and companion workbook

Instant access to the entire program, so you can go at your own pace or let the program walk you through the six-week experience

Monthly Group coaching calls with Leila during the program for additional guidance and laser-focused coaching

Bonus resources: additional reading, recommended books, best practices, tips ’n tricks

Community forum so you can connect with your peers and get Leila’s answers to your questions

Your Awesome Coach: Leila Bulling Towne

My name’s Leila. I like spending time in planes (really), a strong cup of coffee and some dark chocolate to go with it, and helping people be more bold, authentic, and effective at work.

I’ve spent over 20 years coaching leaders from all levels—from top execs to total newbies, from Austin to Bangalore—and I’ve seen the same gaps in knowledge, sticky situations, and opportunities for growth over and over.

It breaks my heart to hear how many people feel undervalued and unmotivated at work—or don’t have the support they need to grow into a new role. Nobody wants to be bad at their job. But most people aren’t given the time, training, and tools they need to live up to their potential.

I created Awesome Manager to teach you the fundamental skills nobody else is giving you: how to delegate, communicate, and navigate relationships better.

I’m a whiz at teaching soft skills in practical, no-nonsense ways that get you results while you have fun. I know what leaders need to do to spend less time dealing with “people problems” and more time getting awesome results.


Who this is for:

Whether you’re at a startup, a growing company, or a multinational corporation, communication and management fundamentals are the same.

Maybe you just got promoted and secretly have no idea how to delegate, diffuse conflict, or hold your team accountable without seeming “too mean” or “too nice.” 

Or maybe you’ve been managing for 15 years and are tired of losing great people—or simply want to up-level your skills.

The Awesome Leader online training program is for people smart enough to know that there’s a way to lead with grace and grit at work and feel fulfilled.

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"I wish I had hired Leila during my stint as a CEO. I look back and realize I would have made better decisions faster. I understand why people recommend her. She is brilliant."

-Venture Partner & former CEO

"In working with Leila, the executive team went from barely talking to each other to operating at the highest levels each of us had ever done, individually and as a team. It was unbelievable. The ROI was incredible. A bargain."

-CFO, Fortune 1000 Company

"Every time we met I saved myself weeks of time addressing people and organizational challenges. She just gets how to help an executive run a company."

-Co-founder & VP Engineering

Think hard. Dig deep. Do great work. Be good to one another.

Our Curriculum.

(a.k.a. The Missing LEGO Bricks Manual No One Gave You)

You’ll learn everything you need to know to feel confident and graceful in your leadership role—and nothing more. Everything’s snappy and immediately applicable. Because you need results, not theory.

The Awesome Manager training program includes:

  • 5 modules of multimedia content
  • Weekly live calls with Leila
  • Community forum to get questions answered by peers and Leila
  • Downloadable checklists 

In as little as 15 minutes a day, you’ll have all the foundational skills to be a truly awesome manager.

Welcome Module

  • What kind of manager do YOU want to be? 
  • Assess where you are now and what specific skills you want to expand.
  • Then . . . let’s go.

Module #1: The Big Picture View. Why Awesome Leadership is a Must.

  • Good news, bad news: YOU are really important! 
  • The science behind employee engagement and how learning these soft skills can make you a hero.
  • Dissect the exact things your favorite bosses did, said, and made you feel that made them so great, so you can shamelessly make them your own. 
  • The new responsibilities you didn’t even realize were on your plate.
  • A simple checklist framework to keep track of all the things you’re supposed to be doing.
  • How to ask your boss for support and guidance in ways that make you look less inept—and more like someone they’re proud to have promoted.

Module #2: Goals are Required. Stop Fooling Yourself and Write SMART Goals.

  • Become a SMART goals expert in 10 minutes, learning the What, Why, and How. (There’s more to them than you think.)

  • Learn why even top execs avoid SMART goals like the plague.

  • Leverage SMART goals to give better feedback and find more precise, powerful ways to say, “do a better job” or “take more initiative.”

  • Watch the magic happen: see me rewrite vague goals into SMART goals.

  • Dedicate time, effort, and enthusiasm towards your goals around being a great manager—and hold yourself accountable.

  • Write more effective goals for your team members, quantifying those intangible, “soft” requests.

Module #3: Everyone is Hungry for Feedback. Feed Your Team Positive and Constructive Feedback.

  • The feedback basics you probably never learned, including what it is, how to give it, and why it’s so dang hard.

  • The surprising truth about how much feedback your team wants.

  • Give positive and negative feedback that gets more meaningful results.

  • Dissection: what have you loved and despised about receiving feedback.

  • The top feedback fears, mistakes, and excuses. Which are holding you back? 

  • The COOL Model: a framework for tough conversations.

Module #4: Delegate Like a Pro.

  • Get real: are you a master delegator or a dud? Learn to identify what you can actually delegate.

  • Learn how delegating can make you look gooood.

  • Why everyone’s rooting for you to delegate: your team, your boss, and even Future You!

  • Myths, fears, and excuses around delegating (and why they’re bass-ackwards).

  • How to actually do it: best practices for delegating so you can match up people and tasks — and free up your time for big picture goodness.

Module #5: Case Studies of the Top Common Managerial Sticky Situations you WILL Encounter. The Names are Changed but the Stories are Real.

  • Sticky Scenario #1: How to manage people who used to be peers without apologizing or getting super awkward.
  • Sticky Scenario #2: Roller coaster performer no more. How to hold someone accountable with precise feedback.
  • Sticky Scenario #3: Poor Performer Paul. What to do about a struggling employee other than “work around them.”
  • Sticky Scenario #4: Promotion, Please! What to do when a high performer on your team wants a promotion but you’ve got nothing to offer—and how to retain them and keep them engaged.
  • Sticky Scenario #5: Bad Behavior. When someone’s rude, condescending, or just has low EQ skills: how to have a tough conversation with them.

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