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It’s not the sound of silence. It’s the meaning of silence.

communication eq leadership Jun 15, 2021

What Does Your Face Say When You’re Silent?

A client gave me this sign. We are both obsessed with words and how to use them.

I spend all day talking. Or listening to someone else talk. I think about what to say back to an executive, guiding them in what they say or write. 

I make it easier for them to communicate. To get it out, get it sorted, get their desires, asks, and concerns out

Many days around 7 pm, I feel as if I lose my ability to speak. I can no longer help someone think about what to say or what to write. 

Silence is my preferred language for the first 30 minutes upon returning home (and for the short commute from my one-person office suite).

My kids are teenagers, so silence is frequently the language of the house. 

I try not to read into it. Even when my kids don’t speak, they say a lot—with their faces. 

I can push and get answers from them when I need to. And since I live with them and have known them so long, I...


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