Luck, Leadership, & Asking Someone to Take A Photo

Sep 02, 2021

If you don't ask, you may not know . . . or learn

TL;DR: You make your luck. Learn more during a webinar with Christian Busch, Ph.D., author of The Serendipity Mindset


Today this photo popped up on my laptop as a "memory." September 1, 2013. Dang.

As a little kid, my son loved law enforcement officers. So when I traveled, I took photos of police cars. And when in the UK and other countries where I felt comfortable (and knew it wasn't illegal or frowned upon), I asked for a photo with an officer.

Here I am at Buckingham Palace. I'm wearing pearls for the occasion--and some wicked sneakers/trainers.

I was nervous and felt stupid. And yet, I asked.

I spoke to the officer for a few minutes after our pose (yes, he knew I was "posing"). He said it was an "absolute joy" to serve and meet people from around the world.

I took a chance and had a fast connection. It made me feel good, my son was happy, and I think the officer's smile, as you can see, is sincere.

It wasn't pure luck--that I stopped, and I asked. I made it happen.

It took me a long time, probably about 10 years or so, to stop--like this--and look for ways to learn and create what I wanted. To create luck. 

Next Wednesday, September 8, you have a chance to do the same--to learn about the art and science of luck in a webinar with Christian Busch, author of The Serendipity Mindset.

This webinar is free, and it's on September 8 at 12 noon PDT/3 pm EDT. Register now.

Many things are random, yet Dr. Busch's work tells him that you can create serendipity.

Leaders can't rely on luck. Let's create the serendipity strategy for you.

I hope you will register to join us.

I'll record the discussion, but I'll give away 10 copies of the book to those there live. And one person will win a coaching session with me.

Lead with ease,


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