Most people were promoted because they were great in their last role. 

...not because they're great managers.

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So, what do you do when you have managers on your team who don't know how to lead?

How do you train people to be better in their roles and in your business? What do you do with the smart, ambitious, aggressive go-getter who never learned empathy? And how do you help them when they don't even know they need help? 

If you want to train your team to make them stronger and keep them around longer (not to mention imporve your company, make your life easier, and help you shine in your own HR role) ... then this will be the most important message you read all day. 

Here's why...

From an HR standpoint, most businesses are not set up to succeed.

In fact, some are set up to fail. I say this because 85% of employees rate their job as either "meh" or "this downright sucks". And employee disengagement costs companies an estimated $450-$500 billion per year in lost productivity.


With a B!

Not to mention, over two millin Americans quit their jobs every month. (Yep, even in this economy)

Want to know what's even more interesting?

The top 4 reasons why people quit their jobs are ALL about poor management and relationships. 

It's not that they don't like their job. It's that they don't like their managers. And they don't like their colleagues. 

This isn't just a management problem. It's OUR problem. 

As HR professionals, it's our job to teach managers "soft skills" so they succeed. Because no matter how good they are in their day-to-day tasks, they need leadership skills to advance. Yet very few ever got them. 

And here's why:

  • An engineering background doesn't teach your team how to give a tough performance review.
  • An accounting degree doesn't train your team how to mediate conflicts.
  • A sales background doesn't teach your team how to engage employees.

...So they go by instance, which often doesn't go well. 

Then they can't figure out why people don't' listen to their directions. And soon everyone's pissed off.

That's when they start believing they're not cut out for the gig.

That they weren't "born" to be a manager.

And the problem builds and builds.

Now it's up to you to either do something about it--or sit back and wait for the next meeting invite to pop on your calendar for yet another tough conversation. 

But here's the good news...

Great managers aren't born. They're built.

Sure, it takes a little time and effort, but not as much as you think. In just six short weeks, your team can have a solid foundation to not only be better at managing relationships in their current roles, but also gain the leadership and communication skills to move up your org chart. 


Meet the Awesome Leader's premiere learning experience:


A high-impact, no-nonsense, ridiculously effective training program for managers interested in becoming the leader their teams remember.

This online workshop teaches your team all the dos and don'ts of becoming a trusted leader. And it makes every department stronger. 

Especially yours.

In less than two months, you'll have a team that's no only good at their jobs, but ready to advance their careers.

Caution! Side effects include: Stronger skills, better communication, happier employees, better engagement, and less employee turnover.


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Begin anytime. 
The online workshop is ready when you are. You can even start the 6-module program right now.


Live Coaching Calls
Schedule time for your team to ask questions about specific situations. 

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Take training off your plate.
Hand it to a 25-year industry veteran who ensures your team has the skills to succeed.

End frustration. End burnout. End turnover

Awesome Managers build happy teams.

In this 6-week, self-paced, online intensive training program, your team receives live support while sharpening their vision of effective leadership.

Your team will learn tangible management sills and easy-to-implement theories and then put them to work . . . while they work.



"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Leila over number of years and in a variety of environments.  She has consistently demonstrated the ability to create a supportive and trusting environment in which individuals and teams deal can confront their most challenging organizational issues."

Here is the workshop in action

Diving In: Welcome to Awesome Management (The part where we say what we're going to learn)
  • Understand the data around soft skills that drive hard results
  • Discover a personal definition of the "best manager"
  • Assess the present and identify specific skills to focus on developing
Module #1: The Big Picture: Why Awesome Leadership is a Must (And how we can help you help them faster) 
  • Understand the science behind employee engagement + hero-status soft skills
  • Clarify responsibilities managers didn’t realize were on their plate
  • How to ask for help in a way that works (and gets people noticed for the right reasons)
Module #2: Goals are Required (Without them, what are we even doing?)
  • Watch the power of SMART goal writing in action
  • Become an expert in creating goals (and keeping) SMART goals
  • How to create accountability that sticks
Module #3: Everyone is Hungry for Feedback (Even if it's bad) 
  • Squash fears and get past previous mistakes about the "F" word
  • Get the low-down on feedback basics including what it is, how to give it, why it’s so dang hard
  • Learn the COOL Model, a framework for tough conversations
Module #4: Delegate Like a Pro (Less work is less work, amirite?)
  • Bust myths and fears around delegating
  • Learn how delegating garners respect (and why everyone wants managers to do it)
  • Access best practices for becoming a master delegator
Module #5: Top Managerial Sticky Situations (And how to clean them up)
  • Get walked through the top challenges managers face. The names are changed but the stories are real.
  • Scenarios include:
    • managing former peers
    • tackling roller coaster performance: good one day, bad the next
    • coaching a high performer who wants a promotion (but you’ve got nothing to offer)
    • how to have tough conversations with rude, condescending, or low EQ individuals
Module #6: Ninja-Like Action Planning (So your whole team kicks up to a higher level. Hiii-ya!)
  • Create and calendar your actions
  • 3-minute video reviews of each module
  • 2-page cheatsheets

Here's Why This Works:

Awesome Manager not only trains your team on the soft skills they never learned, but it also teaches leadership secrets they can apply at any level. Even if they're not managers yet. 

And rather than make your team sit through some lame all-day presentation that bores them to sleep for hours, our sessions are short, engaging, practical, and more binge-able than season four of The Good Place.

Each 10-15-minute session is packed with the essential information they need to lead, manage, delegate, resolve, and succeed in both their current and future roles. 

All killer, no filler.

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Over 2 million Americans quit their jobs every month (yep, even in this economy)

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The top 4 reasons why people quit are all about poor management and relationships

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85% of employees are either “meh” or downright “this kinda sucks” about their jobs

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Employee disengagement costs companies an estimated $450 - $500 billion per year in lost productivity

Here are all the resources your managers will get

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15+ training videos, in 15-minute lesson; over 5 hours of content


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Exercises, decks, audio files, and transcripts

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Instant access to all the course content; pace yourself or walk through the program weekly

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Weekly group coaching calls with Leila for additional guidance and peer learning

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Bonus resources: additional lessons, recommended books, and 1-pagers on best practices 

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Community forum: connect with peers and have questions answered

Awesome Manager even works with international and remote teams!

Awesome Managers is perfect for your if your team members are . . .

  • Curious about learning how to rise up the company ranks
  • Committed to one day becoming the boss
  • Interested in experiencing less "ugh" and more ease
  • And want to find the fun in their leadership learning curve

 . . . grab a time now before another "tough conversation" pops up on your calendar.

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So you're probably wondering how much this costs. While this online option loses some of the more nuanced customization, I still incorporate personalized content and live weekly calls for specific situations you and your team are facing. 

But the real answer is...

It depends.

There are dozens of options and services available, including a la carte customizations. Even with pre-recorded content, every client is unique. 


Your job becomes easier when your team knows how to lead.

If you've read this far, then you already know there's an issue. And it's not one that will solve itself. You've seen it year after year with the same internal survey results. Sure, employee turnover is a part of almost any business, but managerial problems don't have to be. 

In this 6-week, self-paced, online intensive training program, participants receive live support while sharpening their vision of effective leadership.

They learned tangible management skills and easy-to-implement theories and then put them to work . . . while they work.

Venture Partner & former CEO
"I wish I had hired Leila during my stint as a CEO. I looked back and realize I would have made better decisions faster. I understand why people recommend her. She is brilliant."

Communication isn't a natural skill for everyone, but anyone can learn it.
When they do, you'll see it shine through your entire organization.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Great leaders aren't born. They're built.

Book a call to start boosting your team now.

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Known to cause (awesome) breakthroughs in management and leadership.

That’s a bold statement, indeed. And, it’s true (and backed by 20 years of coaching experience).

Meet Leila: your Awesome Manager facilitator.

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Meet Leila
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"Every time we met I saved myself weeks of time addressing people and organizational challenges. She just gets how to help an executive run a company."